Most versions of Netscape now include a what-you -see-is-what-you-get editor that you can use to create web pages without knowing HTML. The editor is vaguely like Microsoft Word. (Word can now save documents in HTML format, too). Provided you have some basic understanding of web browsing, you should be able to make your home page using netscape in no time. (For example, you'll need to have some idea of what a URL is).

Your life will be a lot simpler if you create your home page on babel. The following instructions tell you how to do that. But it is also possible to edit your page on a Mac, or on a PC at home, and then upload it (Netscape uses the term "Publish") to babel. There is a section at the bottom of this page with some information on how to do that.

You could also build your web page on linc (following these same instructions), if you have an account there. However, we prefer that you put your page on babel, since it is our machine. It is also possible to have your web page on unagi--but you will have to notify the manager so that your page can be made visible to the web server.

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Netscape Composer

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Netscape Browser – The Creation

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Netscape Composer was a WYSIWYG HTML editor initially developed by Netscape Communications Corporation in 1997, and packaged as part of the Netscape Communicator, Netscape and Netscape 7 range of Internet suites. In addition, Composer can also view and edit HTML code, preview pages in Netscape Navigator, check spelling, publish websites and most major formatting support.

It was initially developed by Netscape as a component of its internet suites, however after the company was bought by AOL in 1998, further development of it’s codebase was made open-source and overseen by the Mozilla Foundation. Subsequent releases of Netscape Composer were based upon Mozilla Composer, the same utility within the Mozilla Application Suite.

The last version of Netscape Composer was released with the Netscape 7.2 suite. It did not feature in later releases as Mozilla decided to focus on stand-alone applications, and as such Netscape released the stand-alone browser, Netscape Browser 8 in 2005 and Netscape Navigator 9 in 2007, both based upon the stand-alone Mozilla Firefox.

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Fall of Netscape

Internet Explorer vs Netscape Navigator

Please observe a moment of silence for the Netscape browser. Netscape Navigato, the browser that launched the commercial Internet in October 1994, will die on February 1, 2008. AOL, which acquired Netscape in November 1998 for $4.2 billion, will announce today that they will discontinue development of the browser, currently on version 9.

In an email exchange yesterday with Tom Drapeau, Director of AOL/Netscape development, he said that only a handful of AOL engineers are still tasked with keeping the browser updated. Most of their efforts have been aimed at creating a Netscape-skinnedversion of Firefox with the Netscape look and feel.

The team has been unable to gain any significant market share against Microsoft Internet Explorer. In fact, recent surveys suggest that Netscape currently has only 0.6% market share among browsers, compared to IE’s 77.35% and Firefox’s 16.01%. This, of course, is the same browser that once claimed more than 90 percent of the market, sparking the browser wars of the 1990s and the subsequent Microsoft antitrust trial.

Drapeau says AOL’s transition into an ad-supported web business leaves little room for any real effort at maintaining and evolving the Netscape Browser.

He also points to the success of the non-profit Mozilla foundation, which spun off of Netscape in February 1998 with $2 million in funding from Netscape and an additional $300,000 from Mitch Kapor. Firefox, which is part of Mozilla, brought in nearly $70 million in 2006 revenues, mostly from a search deal with Google. In a sense, Netscape lives on through the open-source efforts of Mozilla and Firefox.

Support for existing versions of Netscape Navigator will cease on February 1, 2008. After that, users can visit the UFAQ and the Netscape Community Forum for support.

AOL is also setting up a Netscape Archive where users will be able to download old versions of Netscape, without any support.

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