Browser Wars

Posted by Jenny | 3:19 AM

In the early 1990s there were many simple graphic-oriented World Wide Web browsers available. The first which reached widespread popularity was Mosaic, developed at NCSA. Several companies licensed it to create their own commercial browsers, such as Spy Mosaic and Spyglass Mosaic.

One of the Mosaic developers, Marc Andreesen, founded the company Mosaic Communications Corporation and created a new web browser named Mosaic Netscape. To resolve legal issues with NCSA, the company was renamed Netscape Communications Corporation and the browser Netscape Navigator. The Netscape browser improved on Mosaic's usability and reliability, and it soon dominated the market, helped by the fact that "evaluation copies" of the browser were downloadable without restrictions or cost.

The term "browser wars" is the name given to the competition for dominance in the web browser marketplace. The term is most commonly used to refer to two specific periods of time: the particularly intense struggle between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator during the late 1990s, from 2004 Mozilla came out with Firefox which became a growing threat for IE and eat into its market share, however it was Google's browser Chrome which came later and has today become the dominate browser in the market.

In 1995, the world wide web began to receive a great deal of attention, and netscape navigator was the dominant web browser but microsoft had just launched internet explorer, and included it in windows 95 and by then a browser war had begun. Over the years new versions of both internet explorer and netscape navigator were releasing at a rapid pace. With internet explorer 4, things changed as it offered much more then netscape and was a lot faster. Than internet explorer had dominated the web browser market, while netscape faded out. however things have changed recently as both Firefox and Chrome are the consumers choice today while chrome edges out Firefox as its a lot faster and its market share is growing everyday.

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